Thursday, 29 April 2010

Medlar Syrup

If you have a medlar tree, or can get hold of some fruit from a friend who doesn't know how good they are, then make some medlar syrup in autumn. You will have to blett them (store like apples for 4-6 weeks to allow them to ripen fully off the tree).

Wash and roughly chop the fruit, skin, stones and all. Cover with water and simmer for about half an hour. Then strain through a muslin - be patient, this can take all night.

Measure the liquid and add 1kg of sugar for each litre of liquid. Bung in a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice. Boil until you get bored (at least 20 minutes). The longer you leave it the more it will set. If you have enough patience you may end up with medlar jelly which can be eaten like jam.

Jar up like jam. With that amount of sugar in it, it should keep till the next millenium but it's a rare year I have enough to last until the next season.

The taste is difficult to describe, fruity and sweet, a bit like honey but not so strong.

Use in place of honey or golden syrup in any recipe. Pour over ice-cream or on steamed puddings.

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