Monday, 26 April 2010

Ripples in a pond

I used to say that accountancy isn't like brain surgery. No-one will die if I don't get my month end figures in on time.

Sadly, during the Farepak debacle, we heard of two people who had tried to commit suicide as a result of losing money belonging to their friends and families. Farepak truely was brought to its knees by an accountant.

Amtrak, the parcel delivery company went into administration as a result of not being paid by Farepak and even Woolworths blamed Farepak for starting their demise (most of the vouchers would have been spent there).

It made me realise just how much our every single action affects others. Like ripples in a pond, even the tiniest of issues can spread out, growing as it goes.

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  1. I think the rippling effect, if we sat down and thought about it, would continue out even further than we first thought :(