Friday, 23 April 2010

Waste food

According to This Is Rubbish we waste enough food in this country each day to provide lunch for 60 million people. WHY?

I recently went for lunch at the Windmill Pub in Freshbrook. It was a great meal but far too big for me. Why can't pubs offer small, medium and large sizes? If I can't eat all of the main, I certainly can't justify leaving it and then eating a pudding. So the pub would probably make more money not less.

Wasting food is bad for the planet. All across the globe, land is scarred forever by agriculture. Vaste fields of monoculture crops leave little space for nature. Wildlife is considered a pest and chemicals are sprayed to get rid of it. Fertilisers used in agriculture do an amazing amount of damage to the natural environment and use an incredible amount of fuel in their manufacture. Animals are reared and forced to live in horrible environments. Yet something like a third of the food that is produced is simply thrown away.

So don't waste food. Check out my recipe for Don't waste that chicken soup coming soon.


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